Hong Kong Future Perfect – One City, Twenty Visions of What Is to Come


On 15 Decembmer, 2016, Hong Kong Writers Circle (HKWC) launched their 12th annual anthology – “Hong Kong Future Perfect” at the Art and Culture Outreach Bookshop near Causeway Bay.

The anthology features twenty short stories from Hong Kong and Hong Kong-based writers, who put to page their utopian and dystopian visions of the city.

Organised by Peter Humphreys, Elizabeth Solomon and members of HKWC, the launch party included drinks, readings by Steward C.McKay (Pearlania), Laura Ruggeri (Looting the Looters), Chris Maden (Twenty-Three), Edmund Price (Serenity), Reena Bhojwani (Arrangments), Owen Schaefer (In the Floating City), Joy Al-Sofi (Cold Comfort) and Michele K. Morollo (Liberty Exchange), along with a musical interlude with Hong Kong guitarist and vocalist PEACE.

The book will soon be available for purchase at Amazon.com, Paddyfield.com and various bookstores. In the meantime, do contact Michele at contact@michelekohmorollo.com if you wish to order a copy.

SCMP Review, 8 March, 2017