Global Warming

An encounter between an out of work Greek and a Jordanian academic presents different perspectives on the European migrant crisis.

The drivers in Athens were on strike, so there were no taxis at Eleftherios Venizelos airport that afternoon. Tariq would have to take the Metro to Syntagma Square. Because he had never been to Athens before, he didn’t know which platform he ought to wait at for the train.

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All Souls’ Day

On a drive to visit her grandfather’s grave, an eight-year-old takes her first step away from child-like, self-absorption, towards compassion.

Sophie remembered two things her mother had told her about the day she was born. While under anaesthesia for her C-section delivery, Sophie’s mother had had a dream.

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The Art of Seduction

An aging lush teaches her wallflower friend a thing or two about how to pick up men.

Annette gulped two tequilas. She felt a little wobbly, but who wouldn’t in twenty dollar, six-inch platform pumps from Walmart. She beckoned the ponytailed bartender and ordered another two shots. When he came round with the drinks, she leaned forward, pushing her breasts together to see if her freckled cleavage might get her a reaction from the young man.

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“Without” Book Launch at the Singapore Writers Festival 2018

Authors Cyril Wong and Michele Koh Morollo at the 2018 Singapore Writers Festival.

Poet and author Cyril Wong moderated my Singapore book launch for “Without: Stories of lack and longing” at the 2018 Singapore Writer’s Festival at The Arts House.

My mother, Lisa Koh, my husband Andrew Morollo, and my long-time friend Tania Wu read excerpts from my stories. I even surprised myself by pulling off half-decent Indian, New Zealand, and African accents while reading excerpts from the book’s eponymous story “Without”. 

You can watch a video of me talking about “Without” – a story about the conundrum of female friendships, and a video of me reading a few snippets from the story.

My mom Lisa doing a reading.
My husband Andrew doing a reading.

So glad I got the chance to share this special event with the people I love, including my dad, grandma, sister, Godma, aunts, and good friends Tania and Yvonne.