Tickle Me Pink


Tickle me pink

Said the girl with the shaven head

I am tougher than the boys in the cage


The boys who send you out

To filch cigarettes from strangers

And lift miniature bottles of cologne from the shops


She went a roving one day

And got lost on the way


Tickle me pink

Said the girl with the shaven head

Who found in the jungle

A cold, large, metal cage


Inside the cage were boys so fair

So pretty, so slender, in only their underwear


Tickle me pink, she giggled and stared

At those handsome, young stallions in their underwear


Give us a fag luv,

And cover us in expensive perfume

We’re so pretty, said the boys, prettier than you


There were many male bodies cramped in the cage

Cold and metallic, they made the girl’s hormones rage


Tickle me pink

Such a sight never was seen


So many pretty boys and so much skin

Some of the boys had lizard eyes

Some of the boys had talons for hands

Some of the boys had hooves for feet

Some of the boys had the fangs of a viper

Some of the boys had lion hair

Some of the boys had scorpion tails

And all had petulant serpents between their thighs


The caged boys pouted and preened

Their musk-scented crevices screaming for tongue


Tickle me pink, I want to get in


So the girl shaved off her hair and took of her shirt

So maybe they’d play with her


But there were no vipers or lizards under her skirt

Only breasts,

False moxie

And a heart that beat too fast


Slip through the cage

You’ll get used to the cold metal

Come play a game of cards luv

Actually, just give us kisses on our backs

Shut’ up and watch the game

Give us a fag and don’t tell us your name


The girl with the shaven head

Cared not about the talons

Fangs and tails and wings


The boys were handsome, so handsome with the prettiest eyes

Deep, sad, glassy rainbow eyes, with the liveliest smiles

Naked skin, powdery, smooth and taut

Lips that looked like they would make her hair grow back


The girl with the shaven head slid through the bars

To join those strange and heavenly beasts


And they ate her alive; heart, liver,

melty brain, nipples, eyeballs and all

Had their cigarettes

Put on more cologne

And played a game of cards


Tickle me pick

Said the girl who was dead

I still think I’m tougher

Than the boys in the cage


Copyright®Michele Koh 2009

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