I Have a Jabberwocky


I have a jabberwocky

Keeps me up all night

In the morning

It is tweedle dee or tweedle dum

Dee for a good day

Dum for a bad

Sometimes it does a Cheshire cat

And my head is away from my body

And I don’t know if I’m here or there

Then there’s holier than thou mad hatter

Who whips my nerves about like batter

And don’t you wake the walrus

Or it’ll slurp on your guts like oysters

And don’t you mess with the queen of hearts

Cos she’ll be whipping all your tarts

But worse than them lot

Worse still than the jabberwock

Is the monster child named Alice

Who can make them all disappear

With a warm drawn bath

And two quick flicks of a razor blade


Copyright® Michele Koh Morollo 2008


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