I Am a Fearless Warrior

Fearless warrior

I held on tight

Look at me, I’m alright

I am a fearless warrior

I’ll kill everyone in sight


Racing to the finish line

Yesterday’s pain was worth its price


Fuck if I care! I’m not playing nice

When I’ve used it all up

I’ll crawl back inside

Watch me vanish

Poof I fly


Please save me

Save me…

Bring me back

Or else, I’ll die


No! If I hold on tight

They will think

That I’m alright


Tomorrow’s pain is worth its price


Wait! Maybe I’ll play twice as nice

I’ll be pretty, I’ll be skinny

I’ll be funny, I’ll be kind

And maybe if I work the lie

That will save me from the shit inside


But today’s pain is not worth the price


Look at me!

Look at me!

I’m alright


Look at me…holding on tight

I am a fearless warrior

Dying inside


Copyright® Michele Koh Morollo 2009

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