Lunch Break

A summer afternoon in the life of a Hongkonger.

Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash

It was time for Kenny’s lunch break. His bony buttocks, which had been parked in a cheap IKEA swivel chair since 8:35am, felt numb. His eyes ached, and when he closed them, he could still see the bright light of his computer screen emanating from the back of his eyelids. The photo of his wife and two young children, thumbtacked to a corkboard in front of him, was lopsided, so he straightened it. He dislodged himself from his cubicle and made his way out of the building.

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Three vignettes about distance and togetherness.

Thomas Parts with Jane

Jane likes Thomas better when he’s away. She’ll pout and tell him not to go, but once he’s gone, she breathes easier. There is pleasure in the solitude. Sometimes she drinks half a bottle of wine, and smokes cigarettes in their tiny studio apartment while listening to Björk. She might lip synch in front of the mirror, imagining she’s been abandoned by her lover, though she has not; she just enjoys the melodrama in her head.

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“Without” Book Launch Party in Hong Kong

IMG-1172Wednesday, 5 September, 2018. The book launch party for “Without: stories of lack and longing” was a blast!

The event saw a good turnout of close to 50 guests, and from the photos , it looks like everyone had a lovely time.

Photo on the right, from left: guests Bill Buggy, Dale Lockwood, Vanessa Ma, Stewart Mckay and Vickie Chan.

My anxieties about my book launch party were unfounded. The event, which was held at naked Hub@ New Street was huge success, thanks to amazing friends who showed up to support, and who made the party so much fun. Canapes from Delicious catering and drinks provided by naked Hub certainly helped everyone ease into the gathering.

Above, clockwise from left: guests Sean Macfarlane, Mehek Gidwani, Kayti Marr, Nicky Nadjithoma, greeter Dani Van De Brouke, Mark Thomson, Owen Schaefer, and Elsa Saavedra.

Above, clockwise from top: Sara Lineberger, Ema Buggy, Paul Corrigan, Vince Turcotte, Anita Edkins, Sarah Mowat and Carol Demaro, Boris Meyer, Dave Lore.

A big thank you to the night’s dazzling emcee Reena Bhojwani, dynamic greeters Dani Van De Broucke and Rachel Lim, and entertaining readers Anna Chiang, Richard Rimington, Saffron Marchant, and my husband Andrew Morollo.

IMG-1151Dani, smiling on the left, greeting guests Christine Yu and husband.

IMG-1329The lovely Rachel taking care of book sales.

IMG-1207Anna reading an excerpt from “Sounds Like”, a story about a self-sufficient and solitary sonographer who starts to resent her happily married neighbours.

IMG-1234Andrew reading an excerpt from “Global Warming”, a story about an encounter between an out of work Greek and a Jordanian academic that presents different perspectives on the European migrant crisis.

IMG-1247Reena reading an excerpt from “Summer Visitors”, a story about a young widow living in a high-rise building who starts talking to cockroaches.

IMG-1264Richard reading an excerpt from “For Better Thinking”, a story about an ambitious advertising man who turns to drugs to find the next big slogan.

IMG-1277Saffron reading an excerpt from “Guacamole”, a story about a self-satisfied wife who is disturbed by an interaction she observes between her husband and her best friend’s teenage daughter.

Three of the lucky draw “goodie bag”  winners, clockwise from top, Kevin Tang, Vanessa Ma, and  Sean Dinsmore.

Book sales at a special discounted price of HK$80, and book signing. Above, signing books for Lucy P. Jordan, Teresa Norton, Paul Panckhurst, Pieter B, and Gina Richter.

Above, clockwise from top: Vickie Chan, Sarah Mowat, Mark Thomsen, Emily Matchar, Chloe Gatrell, and Chris Dudgeon.

IMG-1301Guests mingling as the party wraps up!